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Our Facilitators

Janice Barbee

Janice is the director and founder of Healing Roots, and has the honor of being named an Elder in our European American community. She is currently a consultant in community engagement and as an evaluator for a partnership between community members of diverse cultures and a large health system. She is also an adjunct instructor at the University of St. Catherine and the University of Minnesota, teaching classes on social change and on culture as a resource for health.

Sara Axtell

Sara is an Apprentice Elder and teacher of European American ways of knowing with the Healing Roots learning community. She teaches family studies and public health at the University of Minnesota, and serves as the Family Development Liaison in the University's Office for Public Engagement. She works to build collaborative relationships between community and University partners that involve authentic, equitable partnerships, and an exchange of skills, knowledge, and resources.

Craig Hassel

Craig is a Healing Roots Apprentice Elder and Ph.D. Associate Professor and Extension Nutritionist, Graduate Faculty, Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota. His work focuses on creating spaces in which academic knowledge is understood as an expression and product of its culture of origin. From there, the health and nutrition science can bridge respectfully with knowledge from other cultures in generative and creative ways.