Activities for Individuals

Healing Roots facilitates a discussion every month for our Learning Community and we offer a workshop every few months. For the Learning Community, we usually meet at the Midtown Global Market in South Minneapolis at 920 East Lake Street, but we are conducting our discussions over Zoom for the time being to maintain social distancing during COVID-19. Participants at each meeting pick the topic and the date for the next meeting. Everyone is welcome.

We choose topics on modern European American culture or whiteness, particularly to build our skills at facilitating discussions and educating others about what needs to be transformed for an equitable, just, and healthy society. We also choose topics to learn about our root cultures and draw resources from them to replace whiteness, for health and healing, and to add richness and meaning to our lives.

European American Learning Community

Topic for Discussion: Reflecting on our emotions during this time

Monday, July 13, 2020
6:30 - 8:30 pm (Note meeting will go for an extra half hour, to accommodate more discussion.)

With the events of these past weeks, we are offering continuing Zoom sessions to give people a time to connect with each other and share our emotions, thoughts, and strategies for how to make and support the responses needed to end police brutality and the many injustices experienced by people of color and indigenous peoples.

Several participants in our previous discussions have talked about being disconnected from their emotions, and wondered if this is a cultural pattern. We will asking such questions as:

  • How have you been taught to express your emotions?
  • Where did those teachings come from?
  • How do these patterns affect our understanding of and response to our whiteness and racial injustice?
  • What resources can we draw upon to connect with our emotions in a healthy way that can facilitate our healing and social justice work?

Please email Janice Barbee at janicegwb"at" if you want to join us via Zoom. (@ has been replaced by "at" to avoid robot spam.)


Justice for George Floyd Tool Kit - Black and Indigenous organizations to support and contact info and sample messages for letters and phone calls

Resources to Support Minneapolis Protestors - Materials and health resources in the Twin Cities, where to direct donations and support, petitions, learning resources for our own education

Reclaim the Block's list or organizations to donate to

Twin Cities Aid Distribution Locations - maps that lists aid distributions locations, highlights urgent needs, when donations are being accepted

Don't Recreate Policing with our Community Watch - ideas for engaging and community building with neighbors

Check on social media to see if your neighborhood (or an area near you) has organized a mutual aid effort (try searching "mutual aid autonomous zone" with the name of your neighborhood).

Other resources shared by attendees:

How Minneapolis, One of America’s Most Liberal Cities, Struggles With Racism

Accomplices not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex

MPD 150 Resource Page

The Marshall Project: Before George Floyd's Death, Minneapolis Police Failed to Adopt Reforms, Remove Bad Officers

Workshop on European American Identity, Culture, and Responsibility

Mondays, August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, and September 14 6:30 - 8:30 pm

A path for learning and exploring ways to develop a healthy European American identity, contribute to the end of structural racism, and create space for other cultural ways of knowing.

The workshop will be via Zoom over 6 - 2 hour sessions. There will be short lectures/presentations and we will use the breakout rooms on Zoom to have small group discussions. We will ask participants to do some reading and exercises between sessions, and to commit to attending all sessions. You can register here and email Janice Barbee at janicegwb("at") if you have any questions. (To avoid robot spam, the @ sign has been replaced with ("at".)

(As we are working on accommodating our workshop to a Zoom format, we're realizing that we will need to go at a slower pace than the in-person workshop. So we are adding two more sessions for a total of 6 sessions, with the fee staying the same. We will also add community discussion times between sessions, so participants can continue to discuss the topics together, and we can build community together while we deepen our learning.)

Cost $50

Scholarships are available

In this 12 hour workshop over 6 weeks, we explore whiteness, modern European American culture, and our root cultures as dimensions of our identity. This gives us a foundation for being agents of change toward a healthy culture and a just and equitable society.

Session I: Fundamental Concepts, Culture, and Identity
Session 2: European American/Mainstream American Cultural Characteristics
Session 3: Whiteness
Session 4: Cultural Narratives that Support Whiteness
Session 5: "Root" Cultures: Resources for Transformation
Session 6: Applying Our Learning

We ask such questions as:

  • What are the characteristics of European American culture?
  • What is a healthy cultural identity? How does knowledge of your culture inform your work in communities of many cultures?
  • What is the history of whiteness in the U.S. as a concept and identity?
  • What are the cultural narratives that support whiteness and what counter-narratives can we promote?
  • What resources from your cultural roots can you draw on to have a healthy identity and have healthy relationships across cultures?
  • What new language can we use to replace language based on hierarchy and prejudice?

Contact Janice Barbee at janicegwb("at") with questions or if you want to be added to the email list. (To combat robot spam, the @ has been replaced with ("at").