Workshops for Organizations

Healing Roots offers workshops on a variety of topics. These can be customized to fit an organization's needs, including time and budget.

European American Identity and Culture

Topics include:

  • What is culture?: The dynamics of culture
  • The history of whiteness
  • Opportunities to transform whiteness
  • Major characteristics of modern European American culture
  • Our cultural roots
  • Building relationships across culture
  • The value of culture and diversity

Narratives of Whiteness

Cultural "narratives" that our society has inherited that maintain inequities and racism, including:

  • The narrative of cultural superiority
  • The narrative of meritocracy
  • The narrative of the white savior

We then discuss how we can promote counter narratives, including:

  • Cultural awareness and humility
  • Systems thinking
  • Community engagement

Western vs. Indigenous Ways of Knowing

We study several cultural concepts to understand some of the deep differences that can create misunderstanding and oppression, including

  • Concept of self: individualist vs. collectivist
  • Land/nature
  • Knowledge

Preparation for Truth-Telling

A process for preparing European Americans to listen to the stories of people of other cultures of their suffering and oppression. Includes:

  • Studying our experiences with deep listening: What gets in the ways? What patterns do we repeat? What supports us to listen deeply?
  • Cultural concepts that lead to disconnection or misunderstanding
  • Resources for listening and empathizing

Our Partners

Healing Roots has worked with the following:


  • Community members
  • Doctors and medical students
  • Nurses and nursing students
  • Social workers
  • Non-profit staff
  • Educators
  • Attorneys
  • Researchers
  • Nutritionists
  • Hospital administrators


  • University of Minnesota
  • Bethel University
  • Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
  • Minneapolis Food Council
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA)'s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT)
  • St. Charles Youth and Family and Milwaukee Community Access of Recovery Services Division